T Stands for Tuesday – Goodbye dear Friend

As some of you will have noticed, this week I published my T Day post on Sunday instead of Tuesday, but with the recent sad news over at T Stands for Tuesday about Eileen, I wanted to pay a special tribute to her with this post.

My heart broke when I read the news, Eileen was such a generous person and a talented artist. She was so inspirational and we often compared notes, products and techniques when it came to our art. I will miss her support, encouragement, camaraderie and friendship very much!

I have so many happy memories as we have exchanged Christmas cards over the years and like many of you, I received one of her amazing ATCs to celebrate T Stands for Tuesday 5th Birthday Anniversary. It was sent with some amazing crafting goodies too, which was so kind.

She loved writing poems and verses too which she included here – yet another of her many talents! It reads:
Every Tuesday we gather for tea,
Bleubeard, Elizabeth, the whole gang and me.
Sharing our lives, our talents and tips
With tea cups, and glasses pressed to our lips.
Across the oceans, across the miles,
We gather to bring each other some smiles.

When I created this page using her homemade teacup stencil the following year, here’s what she had to say:
“OMGoodness, Jo! I was delighted to see that you used my teacup stencil to make your background paper. It’s beautiful and certainly fits the rainbow theme. Thank you for the shout out. Happy T-day and Happy 6th to us! Eileen xx”.

In fact her ATC still takes pride of place in my craft room and has been shared a few times in photos on my blog which she always commented about:
“ …Aww, you gave my #5 ATC card pride of place too. I’m touched. Have a Lovely Sunday. Stay safe and well. Eileen xx”

I have so many happy memories of her and our friendship that we forged here in Blogland; she will be very much missed and will always be in my heart!

Hoping that you all stay safe and well! x

Thanks for joining me today! If you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear from you.

Love and hugs, Jo x

18 thoughts on “T Stands for Tuesday – Goodbye dear Friend

  1. This is a lovely tribute to Eileen, Jo.
    Yes, it is sad to lose a blogging friend whom we have never met but with whom we corresponded.
    I’ve lost two good blogging friends recently.
    Let’s remember them and also cherish the ones we still have.

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  2. What an absolutely beautiful tribute to Eileen. I love how you used her cup stencil as a background. A great way to honor her. Of course, her ATC she sent to, I think most of us during the 5th anniversary, really DOES take pride of place. Even Bleubeard agrees as he looks on.

    Thank you beyond belief for sharing this with us for T this Tuesday. It was a loving, caring, and truly beautiful tribute to a friend who left us far too soon.

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  3. Your friend must be very talented person, I can see she did amazing works. Prayers for her loved ones. And she’s right, your teacup journal is beautiful. And those gorgeous teacup colors are bright as you are. Have a colorful week, Jo!

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  4. Oh Jo- sending virtual hugs across the pond. This is a beautiful, beautiful tribute to Eileen. And you know I felt/feel much the same as you. It’s heartbreaking. But we will cherish her memories along with the lovely gifts she has given us over the years. Happy T day wishes .

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  5. Ooh… comming for a little visit to you Jo, it’s really sad news!
    But you made a wonderful tribute to her.
    And I understand well your sadness… You’re so right, we have received so much from each other in terms of Friendship and techniques learninig from crafty friends all over the years…
    Coco xx

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