Fire and Ice

Today at Try it on Tuesday we are launching a new challenge called Fire and Ice, where you are asked to use hot or cold colours. This new challenge runs for two weeks and we would love for you to join us.

I had fun creating an art journal page using hot fiery colours and icy glittery flowers (grin!).

I started by applying Pébéo modelling paste using a Swoosh stencil from Creative Expressions and a feather mask from Craft Sensations. Once the modelling paste had dried, I spritzed the page with water and sprinkled Brilliant Red, Scarlet, Orange, Yellow and Lemon Colourcraft Brusho Powders over the top and spritzed them with more water so that the Brusho colours fully covered the page. I controlled where individual colours went by adding each Brusho colour separately then spritzing the powder with water after each application; replicating flames with a red glow in the centre and oranges and yellows around the edges. I then dried the page with my heat gun and stuck a glitter adhesive border strip along the bottom edge. For the quote I cut out a circle of patterned paper and stamped the quote using an alphabet stamp set and black Archival Ink. It is by William C. Hannah and reads:

“The day will be what you make it, so rise like the sun and burn”.

It is edged with a gold outline sticker and then with a black Faber-Castell Big Brush marker and a black Derwent Graphik marker. I stuck it on top of a circle of pink tissue-thin fibrous paper which I ripped around the edges leaving some of the silky fibres intact to give a textured feathery look; they are both stuck down using double-sided tape. Then I added some pearls, gems and glittery flower embellishments around the quote and to the background of the page; sticking the flowers in place using Glossy Accents. Next I fussy cut the phoenix from an old magazine and backed it with white card and I edged with a black Derwent Graphik marker. It is stuck to the page using double-sided foam tape and I stuck some torn pieces of the pink fibrous paper to represent feathers using a Zig Memory System glue pen and added some of the pearls and gems to give it a 3D look which finished the page.

I hope you will join in the fun over at Try it on Tuesday where you will find loads more inspiration from my fellow Design Team Members too.

As the quote I used inspires new adventures, I’m also pleased to join the lovely Erika N, also known as BioArtGal, who is hosting the “New Year, New Adventures” challenge over at Art Journal Journey.

We often visit the Blackbird café with our friends and as I’m featuring my favourite drink of green tea I’m pleased to join T Stands for Tuesday – Happy T Day! The drinks at this café are always served with a little treat on the side. If you look closely at the teaspoon you will see an Iced Gem biscuit, these little treats took me right back to my childhood (grin!).

If you haven’t come across Iced Gems before, you may be interested to know that:

  • Iced Gems are tiny round biscuits (maybe 2cm diameter) with a swirl of hard icing on top.
  • They were first made over 150 years ago in Reading and were apparently the result of a biscuit making accident back in the 1850s when Huntley and Palmer shrank their biscuits during the cooking process when experimenting with some new biscuit technology. They called the resulting mini biscuits Gems.
  • In 1910 they added icing to these mini biscuits to create the product we know today.
  • There were different ways of eating them; maybe the icing first, or the biscuit, or as I preferred both together. Leaving them to melt in your mouth was a good idea too as they were quite hard if you tried to chew them.
  • Today’s iced gems have five colours of icing, white, yellow, orange, red and purple, which seem to be different from what I remember and there is also now a chocolate version too.
  • They are said to be most popular in France, America, Canada, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Japan and Sweden.

Thanks for joining me today! If you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear from you.

Here is a list of all the materials used to create this art journal page:

  • Pébéo Modeling Paste
  • Colourcraft Brusho Colours (Brilliant Red, Scarlet, Orange, Yellow, Lemon)
  • Ranger Archival Ink (Jet Black)
  • Faber-Castell Big Brush Pitt artist pen (Black 199)
  • Derwent Graphik Line Marker (Black 0.05mm, 0.1mm, 0.8mm)
  • Creative Expressions That Special Touch of Mica Mask (Swoosh)
  • Craft Sensations (Deco Stencil Set 154892)
  • Dovecraft Essentials Alphabet Stamp Set (WDN ALPHA STMP DCVW0050)
  • Paper bundle from local craft shop
  • Fibrous light weight Mulberry paper (Pink)
  • White card
  • Old magazine
  • The Range (Glitter Adhesive Border Strips CR0517)
  • Starform Outline Stickers (Gold 1144)
  • Trimcraft (Adhesive Pearls SCDOT056)
  • The Range (Craft Embellishments CR0824)
  • Poundland (Accessories Pack)
  • Hobbycraft (Rose Gem Stones 5666091006)
  • Ranger Glossy Accents
  • UHU Stic
  • Docrafts Stick It! double-sided tape
  • The Range double-sided foam tape

56 thoughts on “Fire and Ice

  1. A beautiful, fiery journal page, love the swirling colours and the great quote. I remember those iced gem biscuits from years gone by, too. Glad you were able to visit your Blackbird cafe again and enjoy your green tea. Happy T Day, Valerie

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow this page is just BRILLIANT Jo ! I love the vibrancy – just terrific! Your visit at the Blackbird café seems always to be a pleasure for you – I would be interested in this Iced Gem biscuit! Looks so pretty ! We have a British teahouse in Vienna – Demmer’s Teehaus- and I often was there with a girlfriend as I lived in Vienna and worked in the city. I enjoyed it always – so I really can imagine how nice this visits at this cafè are for you!
    Happy TIOT, TSFT and AJJ dear Jo!
    Thanks for such a fantastic designed page linked to the New Adventures collection!
    Much appreciated!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much dear Susi! I love using Brushos, the colours are always so amazing and it was fun using a different technique with them too 😁. Vienna sounds such a wonderful place and the teahouse must be lovely to visit! Wishing you a Happy TIOT, TSFT and AJJ too! J 😊


  3. Your journal page is fabulous. I was most impressed with the modeling paste and the Brushos, a product I have never seen in any craft store here. I was also impressed with those Iced Gems, another thing I’ve never heard of, even though it appears we Americans love them. Or maybe that is SOUTH Americans (grin). They are certainly cute and TINY.

    I was very impressed with the bright, hot colors you chose for your journal entry and it’s wonderful that you shared it with us at Art Journal Journey.

    When you drink tea, you drink TEA. I really like those strainers. I have one and would love to find another. Thanks for sharing your Iced Gems and your green tea (in those adorable tea pots) with us for T this Tuesday.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This i wonderful Jo. I think Pebeo has such fantastic colors and your have certainly used some wonderful ones on your page. That modeling paste is a gorgeous color! You made it feel like fire for certain. The peacock is beautiful also and really makes a cool page. Or is it suppose to be the phoenix? Phoenix I would guess. 🙂 (Sorry-it is early and I am half asleep) Either way it is beautiful and what a clever idea with that great quote. I think I need you to pour me a cup of tea-be sure it has caffeine! 🙂 Thanks for joining in at AJJ. This page is perfect. Hope all is well and happy T day. Hugs-Erika

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  5. Good morning Your journal page is just gorgeous and I love the quote.
    I always enjoy a little history about things so thank you about the biscuits. I would love a cup of tea with you from those pretty tea pots. Happy T Day Kathy

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  6. what a great Quote, i should print it out and fix it at my bathroom mirror to start the day accordingly! wonderful Colors, the phoenix is a great find and so appropriate here!
    have a nice week and happy t-day!

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  7. Your colorful and fiery page will help burn through the fog outside my window this morning. Drizzle from last night has made a thin coating of ice on the roads and driving treacherous. I was reading on the Facebook Town page about one of the school buses sliding off the road. So even though the Eldest and I have errands to run, I think we’ll wait a couple of hours for the roads to thaw out a bit or the salt/sand truck to make it around town. I’d rather stay in and try a few of those Iced Gems and a nice cuppa. Happy T Day!

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  8. I love the hot and vibrant colours on this page Jo. The phoenix looks amazing and you found the right quote to add to the piece, which does make me think of the phoenix rising from the ashes of fire.
    You took me on a memory lane trip as well with the iced gem biscuits, I’ve never seen any in years.
    Happy T day wishes Jo.
    Yvonne xx

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  9. LOVE the art today ♥♥♥♥ i also love the little teapots. I have a thing for Tea Pots and have to control the urge to buy more. It’s hard some times.
    Happy T Day and thank you so much for stopping by for a visit. Mini was funny in the boots. They got returned though because the bottoms were slick and she would slid all over. The clerk said they were getting a lot of that style returned ..DA!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much! It’s a lovely cafe and I think you’d love seeing all their colourful teapots on the shelves of a Welsh dresser 😁. Mini was so funny in those boots, I’m glad you got a refund ok. Wishing you a happy and creative week! J 😊


  10. Hello dear Jo!
    What a wonderful firery page with that nice background texture. The bird is also perfect to it and the icy flowers are perfect counterpoints to it. Well done dear friend.
    Happy crafting

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  11. Wow! Love those brilliant colors, Jo!! That’s a fabulous page.

    That’s a lovely table setting and photo from the Blackbird café. I’d never heard of iced gems and enjoyed reading about them.

    Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

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  12. Lots of luscious colours used here and fabulous techniques to control them. So vibrant and I love all your extra additions, you’ve created a fabulous spread. Thank you for sharing it’s beauty.
    Warmest of wishes Tracey x

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  13. Great journal page! I have tried a few journal pages and have actually started two journals, but didn’t stick with it. I like that you showed us the supplies you used. I wanted to thank you for your lovely comments and warm welcome to the T party. And thank you for the introduction to Iced Gems! New to me! Looks like a lovely tea party for the T party!

    Liked by 1 person

  14. You met the challenge quite nicely. It is fun to see how many of these challenges you participate in. That really looks like a nice tea. I hadn’t heard of those little Gems – fun to hear their history

    Liked by 1 person

  15. What a beautiful page. I love the colours and the phoenix.
    The tea cups. What nostalgia. My mother still has those cups and also has the cake plates which are still regularly used.
    And no, I don’t remember ice gems but my hubby does (he is British). I bet they were lovely.
    Happy belated T-Day,

    Liked by 1 person

  16. Wow! This is fabulous! Those colours are brilliant and the quote is just the one for this page! I think I would enjoy getting an iced gem biscuit with my coffee! Loved reading the facts! Melting in the mouth with a slight crunch at the end was best! Hugs, Chrisx

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  17. Wow this is certainly a treat to see on a winters day Jo – so glad you chose to use warm colours and what a lovely combination of colours too, Loved how you used the ‘brushos’ – nice job! And what a gorgeous bird too.
    I used to love Iced gems and now I wonder why when they were so hard – didn’r realise they were still about… ineresting to read that they came about from an accident… I was wondering maybe recent ‘accidents’ caused things like ‘wagon wheels’ etc to shrink too, used to love those too but lots of things don’t seem to be the same size or taste like I remember ..aww those were the days ha ha
    Hope you’ve had a great day and the sun has been shining… Gill xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks very much Gill! I didn’t realise they still made Iced Gems either or that they would be so popular 😁. I think you are right, toblerone seems to have had an ‘accident’ too …lol 😉. We had sunshine in the morning and rain in the afternoon yesterday which meant I got to spend some time crafting – yay! Have a great day and a wonderful weekend! J 😊


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