Victorian Christmas

Last week we enjoyed the festivities at the Farmers Market and Victorian Festival in our local town, there was so much inspiration that I created a journal page.


The background is a collage of papers, two of which are Christmas themed with holly and patterns that match the Victorian theme. The third is a music sheet which reminds me of the wonderful old fashioned fairground organ that was playing a variety of tunes and could be heard all across the town. I edged the papers with Tea Dye Distress Ink to give them a vintage look and stuck them to the page with a UHU Stic. Next I made the various baubles which remind me of the lovely decorations and wreaths we saw around the town. The garland with the crown on top is fussy cut from an advert for the Victorian Festival, which I adorned with gemstones and backed with the list of activities taking part at the festival. I added a piece of ribbon for it to hang on and stuck it to the page using double-sided foam tape. The heart is a wooden chalkboard tag which I stamped with the sentiment and then finished by hand using a white gel pen. I added gemstones and stuck it to the page with a UHU glue pen. The Merry Christmas bauble was stamped using Archival Ink on one of the same papers I used for the background and the words Victorian Christmas are from a flyer. I fussy cut them both out using some fun scissors with patterned blades, edged them with the same Distress Ink using a blending tool and embellished them both with gemstones. Then I added gold ribbon for the Merry Christmas bauble and stuck it down using double-sided foam tape. The Victorian Christmas is stuck down using a UHU Stic. Next I tied some pretty red ribbon into a bow, which I think is reminiscent of the Victorian era with its rose design. I placed it over the corner of the page and stuck it down with a UHU glue pen. To finish I added the gold buttons and glittery snowflakes.

I really enjoy looking at this page; it has captured the festivities at the Farmers Market and the Victorian Festival.


Here I am enjoying a complimentary cup of fruit punch, which was given to me in the sweet shop, and as T Stands for Tuesday I’m pleased to be able to join the T Gang – Happy T Day!


“Oh yay, oh yay” – we have our very own town crier and his official uniform is bright and colourful just like him.


Music played across the town from this beautiful old fairground organ and on closer inspection we found it had many different instruments and was beautifully decorated. I really enjoyed listening to it as it played modern music, such as Abba as well as the wonderful traditional tunes.


We went on a guided tour of our town as part of the Victorian Festival activities and had fun learning about the Victorian architecture and history. St Anne’s on the Sea is truly a Victorian town as it was designed and built from scratch by Victorians, starting in 1875 from nothing but the sand dunes which formed part of the Clifton Estate.


Our tour ended at Burlingtons Bar, which is now only open to the public for private functions. It still has three entrances, one for each of the different classes (of society) in those days and is covered in the most beautiful Victorian tile work from floor to ceiling. The interior contains a scheme of ceramic tiles by Craven Dunnill, which includes arcades, moulded panels and mirrors and plain, floral and patterned tiles.


The town’s Foundation Stone can also be found in this bar as this was the first building to be built in the new town and was originally the St Anne’s Hotel. As the tour finished we took the opportunity to take a joint photo in this wonderful and historical setting (for our town).


At the Farmers Market there were some fantastic stalls, I particularly liked the gingerbread tree decorations, the Christmas wreaths and the local fruit and veg stall.


Here I am having fun with the people promoting the Victorian Festival, don’t they look smashing!

Thanks for joining me today! If you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear from you.

Here is a list of all the materials used to create this art journal page:

  • Tim Holtz Distress Ink (Tea Dye)
  • Ranger Archival Ink (Jet Black)
  • Uniball Signo gel pen (White)
  • Docrafts Mini Clear Stamp (Christmas Assortment PMA 907002)
  • The Works 6×6 Designer Paper Pad (The Night Before Christmas HCPAP003X15)
  • Paper bundle
  • Bosworth Violin Studies music book
  • Programme, magazine and flyer
  • The Works (Chalkboard Tags)
  • Oaktree UK Eleganza Craft Stickers (3mm 418 Gems Red No. 16)
  • Habico Signature Collection (Festive Asst 3mm Self-adhesive Gem Stones)
  • Trimcraft Winter Wonderland (Enamel Adhesive Dots HCXGE05)
  • Poundland (Christmas Craft Pack 171319-MC16)
  • Assorted ribbon and buttons
  • Fun Cut scissors
  • UHU Stic and Glue Pen
  • Zig Memory System 2 Way Glue (The Dual Action Glue Pen)
  • The Range double-sided foam tape
  • X-Press It double-sided tape
  • Masking tape

40 thoughts on “Victorian Christmas

  1. Love your Victorian inspired page Jo (I guess you know now how much I love this era)! And oh, I would LOVE to see the Burlington’s Bar, but I wonder what class they’d put me in:) Thanks for sharing another wonderful adventure, and happy T day!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Now that looks like a really fun holiday outing. I love all the Victorian characters. And I also really like the page you made to remember the day. The images you chose and those beautiful colored papers all work together so well. How was warmed fruit punch? And happy T Day. Hugs-Erika

    Liked by 1 person

    • It was so much fun and a brilliant way to get in the festive spirit! The fruit punch was a lovely and such a surprise as we were just looking at the different sweets and one of the staff from the sweet shop dressed in Victorian costume came up to us and offered it to us – how thoughtful! We thought it tasted of melted down sweets like something from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory … lol. Thanks and wishing you a Happy T day! J 🙂


  3. Once again I’m in awe of your journal page. I especially liked the fussy cut ornament with crown and program. Very clever. I used to own a huge, hard to heat, but with three fireplaces, Victorian home and I would love to see some that you toured. They don’t make them like they used to.

    I’m with Linda about that class thing. I remember my grandmother telling me about her upbringing and how they had servants who lived in the home. My grandmother and great aunt used to befriend and spend time with them, and that was often frowned upon. My grandmother told me that when her husband (and my mother’s birth father) was killed in a hotel fire while on a business trip, she didn’t remarry for nearly 12 years. When she did, her parents disowned her because she married “below her station.” My grandmother told me that was something she didn’t believe in and I should marry anyone I wanted, as long as he treated me with kindness and respect and we both loved each other. In a way, I’m glad her parents died before I was born, so I never got subjected to that kind of discrimination. I see why the “classes” had such a hard time climbing to a better level when they were held down by people like my grandmother’s parents. Sorry I got a bit carried away, but that sort of hit me hard, especially when class is brought into conversations.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful punch, your lovely art, and the Burlington’s Bar with us for T this Tuesday.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much! I love all architecture and Victorian is one of my favourites, luckily we have lots of history to explore here. That’s such a sad story about your grandmother though. Wishing you happiness this T day! J 🙂


  4. Your journal page to commemorate the Victorian event is wonderful, you have packed it full of memories, well done. That event looks fantastic, and all the people in their costumes too, even a town crier, what fun. The photos of you and your hubby are great. Glad you had Happy T Day,such an enjoyable outing. hugs, Valerie

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  5. i´m sure i would have enjoyed this Event, too! love the photo of you with the Punch. that fairground organ is such a beautiful Instrument. the town crier is an awesome Tradition, too. a day to be well remembered!
    happy t-day!

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  6. This looks like a lovely market to visit and with folk dressed up for the occasion would make it more special. I love the page you made for your journal, full of l memories of the day with all the lovely details.
    Happy T day
    Yvonne xx

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  7. Happy T-day and what a great post! I LOVED seeing the Victorian page and all the photos that inspired it. The market looks like a little slice of heaven……..we don’t have anything in this area to compare it too…..:((

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Your journal page is great. It really shouts Victorian Christmas.
    Thank you for taking me to the Victorian Festival. The tour sounds very interesting. That bar looks amazing! All those beautiful tiles! The street organ took me back to my childhood. The organs were operated manually in those days, the man turning a large wheel. It played organ tunes. The organ grinder pushed it from street to street. We would hear the organ play and mum would give us a coin to put in the copper coin tray he would rattle around.Sweet memories. The one in your photo might have originally been a Dutch organ as it features a windmill….
    The town cryer is a character too.
    And I really liked seeing some really nice photos of you too. Nothing like the photo in your profile!
    Thanks for your kind comment,
    Happy T day,

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much Lisca! The tile work is stunning and such a feast for the eyes :-). Ooh, how I would have loved to see and hear these fairground organs when I was growing up and I loved reading your reminiscence – what a very special and precious memory! Thanks for sharing :-). Yes I see what you mean, having compared the photos I may have to update my profile picture … lol. Happy T Day! J 🙂


  9. Fabulous journal page and a great memento to have of a glorious day. I love the town crier. His garb is so festive. I’ve seen and heard player pianos, but never a player organ. It is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing your day

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  10. Great page and it really does capture the spirit of the event ♥ It looked like a really great time… I so love going to those types of things and was hoping to get to one around here this year. If the weather isn’t too bad maybe I can go this coming weekend. Happy T Day!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  11. It’s nice to see pictures of you. They’re lovely. What a great page to recall this very special festival. The costumes are smashing – every one of them. Thanks for sharing all the photos. I almost feel like I was there. I’d love to hear that organ – what a gem.
    Happy T Day, Jo!

    Liked by 1 person

  12. You always manage to beautifully capture the essence of your adventures on your fabulous pages Jo.
    I love the Victoria era and would have enjoyed seeing this too.
    Great photos – love that old organ… nice to see you too – but it did look a rather chilly day.
    Hope you had a nice weekend.. Gill xx

    Liked by 1 person

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