The World’s Fastest Land Animal

Today my page is inspired by “Nature’s Wonders”, which is the theme hosted by Gill over at Art Journal Journey. The cheetah is the fastest land animal in the world, so I thought it was fitting to create a page in tribute to this gorgeous feline!

The World's Fastest Land Animal - Art Journal Page

I started by smooshing diluted Spectrum Aqua markers onto the page using an acrylic block. Using a homemade mask I stamped circles of animal print using black Archival Ink, then splattered the whole page with Liquitex black acrylic paint. I cut out circles of decoupage papers and stuck them on top of the animal print circles using a UHU Stic. Once the glue had dried I outlined the circles with black Uni Pin marker and I doodled different African style patterns around each circle. The images and script are from old encyclopaedias and I highlighted information relevant to the cheetah – if you look closely you may see a cheetah sitting under a tree in the shade while looking out over the grassland. The cheetahs are from a doodle book that I painted using diluted Aqua marker ink and then cut out using scissors. I stamped some cheetah facts and added a beautiful postage stamp. To finish I added rhinestones the same colour as the postage stamp to highlight the text and balance the colours.


This postage stamp is from my hubby’s childhood stamp collection, it features a cheetah and her cubs and is from Nigeria dating back to 1965.

When I told my hubby I was thinking of doing a cheetah page to join AJJ, a happy coincidence occurred! My hubby told me he had recently watched a video on the cheetahs running ability and comparing it to the Greyhound. Here’s the link if you want to have a look. You can see why cheetahs are the world’s fastest land animal with their rotary gallop and it’s amazing ability to increase its strides per minute, spectacular!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Here is a list of all the materials used to create this art journal page:

  • Spectrum Aqua Artist’s Marker (Yellow, Terracotta, Gold)
  • Liquitex Artist Color Acrylic (Ivory Black)
  • Ranger Archival Ink (Jet Black)
  • Uni Pin Fine Line Marker (Black 0.1mm and 0.8mm)
  • Hobbycraft clear stamp (A6 Animal Print Background 50350HC)
  • Dovecraft upper and lower case alphabet stamp set (WDN Alpha Stmp DCVW0050)
  • Vivi Gade decoupage paper (Skagen 25561)
  • Poundland DécoTime (Patch Paper DS9454)
  • North Parade Sudoku and Doodle (Animal Kingdom)
  • Dorling Kindersley Illustrated Family Encyclopaedia
  • Pear’s Cyclopaedia 2007-2008 Edition
  • Postage stamp
  • Poundland self-adhesive gems (504 Gems)
  • UHU Stic
  • The Range double-sided foam tape

22 thoughts on “The World’s Fastest Land Animal

  1. Cheetah’s are really wonderful animals, love to watch them move. They showed a good documentary about them here a few days back. Your page is fantastic, I like it very much. Thanks for another fantastic contribution to AJJ. Have a great Sunday, hugs, Valerie

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Brilliant, beautiful and interesting page Jo and a wonderful tribute to such a magnificent creature. I love the colour, images and details and the way you balanced the colour of that lovely postage stamp with the jewels. Love your ideas 🙂
    The video was great as well – nice to see the slow motion footage of each animal.
    Hope you’re having a lovely Sunday.. Gill xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for the inspiration Gill! I love the theme you have chosen this month over at AJJ :-). Yes the footage is interesting isn’t it, I couldn’t believe the running style is exactly the same. Hope your having a lovely Sunday too and wishing you a great week ahead! J 🙂


  3. A fabulous page, you can almost feel the movement of those cheetahs. The print backgrounds look great., your added information looked like it was gathering speed off the page as well.
    Yvonne xx

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  4. Wow.. a fabulous page Jo — I love all the different poses shown – and special to have this unique stamp for the theme! Just super! Cheetahs are amazing!!!
    Thank you for the link – an intersting video – and thank you so much for another fantastic entry to Art Journal Journey!… Our Rhodesian Ridgeback-girl is also a very fast runner…I would love to see her in slow motion – but in relation to a greyhound she is slow – our male ridgeback generally doesn’t like to run too much –
    much too lazy.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Many thanks Susi! Yes it was great to be able to show movement with the different poses. Our friend has a Rhodesian Ridgeback too and she is a very beautiful and loyal companion. You are so lucky to have two of them! Wishing you a happy week! J 🙂


  5. I LOVE your cheetah page. They are wonderful cats, sleek but so leggy compared to other cats. I love watching them on tv shows. And I love how you used circles with those designs around them. It came out wonderful Jo. And perfect adding the postage stamp too! Hugs-Erika

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks a lot Erica! Yes when I’ve seen them on TV they do look leggy and the little cubs are so funny too! The doodles around the circles were very relaxing to create. Thanks again and wishing you a great week! J 🙂


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