My favourite colour is blue so what’s not to love about peacocks (apart from the fact that they are noisy at night – which I discovered whilst staying at a bed and breakfast with my American friends at Stratford-upon-Avon :-)). The peacock is such a beautiful bird with its vibrant iridescent blue and green plumage and when he displays all those tail feathers with those eyespots he is a wonder to behold! I’m excited to be able to join Art Journal Journey and Gill who is hosting the new theme this month, which is “Nature’s Wonders”.

My page is inspired by a peacock image I was given. I had no plan of action when I started and I often think it’s for the best as you can create something of beauty!

Peacock - Art Journal Page

To start I stenciled the trellis fretwork using a Dutch Doobadoo mask with two colours of glitter glue and left it to dry. I covered the remainder of the page with patches of white gesso using a palette knife and applied Liquitex Acrylic paint with a baby wipe, gradually building up the colour intensity to my liking. I tore and then stuck down strips of music sheet using gel medium and smudged paint over the top of them to blend into the background. The white and purple flower images are stickers which I fussy cut with my craft scissors, I also used pieces of the sticker surround as it had a lovely marble-like quality to it; ripping and sticking them onto the page around the music sheet pieces. I then outlined all of these elements with my black Uni Pin fine line marker. To intensify the trellis I outlined the shapes and applied colour using Spectrum Aqua markers. The gold flowers and circles are outline stickers. For the tag, I used torn strips of music sheet and sticker background, outlining and embellishing them as I did for my page background. I fussy cut the peacock and edged it using a navy Spectrum Aqua marker and then glued it to the tag using a UHU Stic. To finish the tag I added some gem stones and gold ribbon then attached it to the page using double-sided foam tape. Lastly I added words which are associated with Peacocks – Beauty, Kindness and Peace!

Tiles 1

This page reminds me of the beauty we found in the Art Deco tile panels at the Blackpool Winter Gardens. The stunning panels feature a range of ladies in exotic costumes and were created by William James Neatby, who is best known for his designs of the tiles in the Harrods Food Hall. I found the panels mesmerising and there are two panels that feature peacocks called “Peacocks” and “Labradorite”, the latter is pictured above.

Tiles 2
We recently went on a Heritage Tour of the Winter Gardens, where they share some of the history of the building. We took photos of the panels during our tour and this one is called “Hummingbirds”. Aren’t they just breathtaking! If you want to see more of them here’s a link – Neatby Panels by Dawn Mander, the photos are taken by a fabulous local photographer whose blog I follow.

The Blackpool Winter Gardens is an extensive complex of venues filled with history and imaginative designs dating back to 1878.  It has one of the largest theatres in the country along with another theatre, one of the largest ballrooms in the world and several other halls and venues. It has recently become publicly owned and is subject to a slow but thorough restoration which is discovering Art Deco and other period features which have been covered up over the last 138 years.

Car Showroom

The tile panels lined the original entrance tunnel to the Empress Ballroom. The tunnel was wide enough so that a horse and carriage could deliver guests and then turn around to leave. So you really started your evening in style! Later the area became a car showroom and this photo (which we took a photo of, hence the quality) gives an idea of some of the original tiling.

We were also lucky enough to see an entire intact original Art Deco floor which was previously unknown and was recently discovered underneath a carpet! Possibly another Art Journal page in the making?

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Here is a list of all the materials used to create this art journal page:

  • Pébéo White Gesso
  • Liquitex Artist Color Acrylic (Swedish Blue, Christmas Green)
  • Spectrum Aqua Artist’s Markers (Aquamarine, Navy and Slate)
  • Uni Pin Fine Line Marker (Black 0.1mm and 0.8mm)
  • Hobbycraft Glitter Glue Pens (Assorted Colours)
  • Dutch Doobadoo Stencil (DDBO Dutch Mask Art A5 Vintage 470.715.028)
  • Penny Black 2010 Stickeroos (In Bloom 10-208)
  • Magenta Style Outline Stickers (Gold)
  • Dovecraft Peel-off Stickers (Alpha Caps G DCPO-05)
  • Hunkydory Jewelled Feather Collection (Pretty Feathers)
  • Poundland Die Cut Tags
  • Bosworth Violin Studies music book
  • Hobbycraft Self Adhesive Gems (Assorted Square 5666141000)
  • Gold Ribbon
  • Liquitex Matte Gel Medium
  • UHU Stic
  • The Range double-sided foam tape

22 thoughts on “Peacock

  1. Another lovely page, great idea with the peacock. There were peacocks at a hotel I stayed at once, and they were really noisy! The photos from Blackpool are lovely, thanks for sharing, they bring back nice memories of day trips there when I was living near Liverpool. Thanks for joining us again at Art Journal Journey, hugs, Valerie

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  2. Gorgeous bird and gorgeous page – I love this! I always wonder if it is an effort for them to get about as those feathers must be fairly heavy. A couple years ago, one evening we heard a noise and when I went to the back door (conservatory) there were these long feathers dangling down,,, a peacock! It turned out that it had escaped. I think, from a local garden centre, and was jumping from roof to roof…. I was a bit worried about it falling through the plastic roofing – it would never have fitted in my oven 😉
    I’ve never been to Blackpool – but the art deco panels are really lovely..
    Fab post – and thanks for the wonderful clear information on your artwork 🙂
    oh and thanks for the lovely comments you’ve left me lately too… have a lovely weekend
    Gill x

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  3. Gorgeous peacock page Jo. I love the little trellis fretwork, I think it adds an air of exotic destination to the page. The page feels very Indian or Persian to me. 🙂 And those panels in the photos are just gorgeous too. Your page does feel like them. Hope all has been well and you have a great weekend planned ahead, Hugs-Erika


    • So glad you are back Erica, I have missed chatting with you! You are always so perceptive, when I created this page I had in mind the Indian peacock with all it’s lovely blue feathers! The weather is meant to be hot and sunny this weekend so we have a BBQ planned and have lots of jobs to do around the garden first. Wishing you a fab weekend J 🙂


  4. Gorgeous page with so many elements beautifully put together. Peacocks are beautiful and I love them. Thanks for the informative bit about Winter Gardens. Enjoyed reading it.

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  5. What a wonderful idea for this page and you are right – peacocks are really WONDERFUL- I didn’t know that they are so noisy – o.k.- that’s a disadvantage -lol!
    The panels are just great!
    Thank you very much Jo for another fabulous page and post linked to Art Journal Journey!
    oxo Susi

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  6. This is tremendous with the stencil, the music and the flowers and I do like the way you have featured the peacock tag. You are right, peacocks are so noisy but their tails are unbelievably beautiful and definitely a wonder.
    I always like the way you give the details of how you make your pieces and the material list is fascinating too.
    And I very much enjoyed the mini-tour of the Winter Gardens, thanks.

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  7. Your peacock page is stunning. Beauty, peace, kindness….what a wonderful selection of words. All the parts of this page make for such a beautiful piece of art. Love the flowers and the panels at the Gardens are awesome. I bet they are gorgeous up close. I cannot even imaging bringing in the horse and carriage and then turning it around so it could leave. genie

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Genie! I loved the words too, we could do with more of this in the world. The panels at Winter Gardens were mesmerisingly beautiful and you are right when you get close up to them there is so much detail to see! Thanks again for your kind comments and stopping by! Happy Weekend! J 🙂


  8. Its an awesome page, love your details, I agree about the noise the peacocks can make, but I think their beauty makes up for it, the words you added really suit the beautiful page . Lovely pictures from your trip to the Ballroom at Blackpool, the Art Deco panels look super, good to see in real life I’m sure.
    Yvonne xx.

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  9. Such a gorgeous page inspired by such fabulous creatures Jo.
    Every detail is beautiful.
    We found it interesting to note that some southern plantations here in the US used peacocks as “watch dogs” because of their piercing cat calls announcing anyone nearby.
    We were charmed by some white peacocks in the fancy gardens of an island in Lake Maggiore, but like you my favorite color is blue too. You cannot beat the colors they sport…proud as a peacock 😉
    That tile work certainly is amazing too.
    Happy to take some time to visit as we’ve been lost in our renovations of late … still in the thick of things.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Patty! Yes I’ve heard that peacocks can be used as “watch dogs” for that reason too. The white peacocks must be very beautiful and surreal – I have never seen one up close, you always see such wonderful things when you travel! Hope the renovations go well and things get back to normal for you soon :-). Thanks for taking the time to stop by, it’s always a pleasure chatting to you! J 🙂


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