Queen’s Official Birthday

It was the Queen’s official 90th birthday on Saturday and this page was inspired by our day of celebrations. Me and my hubby celebrated by watching Trooping The Colour, and in the afternoon we attended a concert to commemorate this very special occasion at our local RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institute) Lifeboat house which featured the Fylde Concert Orchestra.

Queens Official Birthday - Art Journal Page

Most of the materials used were recycled and adhered to the page using glue stick and gel matte medium. The lines of soldiers are made from images from paper chains which represents Trooping The Colour. Film and music note washi tape reflect the music and televised coverage of the day. All British coins and stamps have the Queen’s head on them so I used the coin images from a free leaflet from a utilities company and postage stamps that were collected by my hubby when he was a youngster. The beautiful picture of the Queen was saved from a magazine and features the newly-crowned Queen on 13th June 1953. I covered the magazine wording around the picture with red paper, postage stamps and torn coin images. I finished the page by using the first verse of our national anthem “God Save the Queen”, taken from the song sheet at the concert. This page came together so quickly and was very easy to do, I think the most difficult bit was lining up those little soldiers in straight lines. The style and look is so clean, I think it’s stunning!


The orchestra were wonderful and played a variety of light classical and popular music including In a Persian Market (which reminded me of that Morecombe and Wise sketch), Teddy Bear’s Picnic, the Pink Panther theme tune, and of course God Save the Queen. It was lovely to join in the local festivities with friends and acquaintances, we had a great time!


As today is T Stands For Tuesday, I thought I’d also share our celebratory drinks. A big hello to all at the T Gang! We ended the day with a glass or two of beer, I’m lucky that my hubby brews his own beer! From left to right – Wheat beer 4.5% (Belgian Hoegaarden style), Pumpkin ale 5.25%, Dark old ale 6.3% (Theakstons Old Peculiar clone) & a traditional Best Bitter 4.2% (Youngs Special recipe).

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Here is a list of all the materials used to create this art journal page:

  • Faber-Castell Big Brush Pitt artists pen (Black 199)
  • Uni Pin Fine Line marker (Black 0.8mm)
  • Aldi paper chains
  • The Works (3 Washi Tapes)
  • Postage stamps
  • Magazine and leaflet
  • Liquitex Gel Matte Medium
  • The Range glue stick

25 thoughts on “Queen’s Official Birthday

  1. Love your royal journal page, great idea to celebrate the Queen, she is so amazing, especially for her age. I was able to watch some things on TV, but I would have liked to join in some live celebrations, too. Happy T Day, that beer looks good! Hugs, Valerie

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    • Thank you and Happy T day Valerie! Glad you enjoyed watching some of the celebrations! I was totally amazed by the splendour of the occasion this year, the celebrations were truly fabulous. Wish you could have joined in our live celebrations too! Thanks again 🙂


  2. your collage for the queen is brilliant-fabulous papers used!! I have never had home brewed beer but would like the dark one please:) Must be so exciting to have so many celebrations around the queen’s special birthday to enjoy. Happy T day!

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    • Happy T Day Linda! Thank you I was really pleased how this page turned out. Home brewed beer is as good as and sometimes better than British pub bought beer, he makes it from raw ingredients (hops and barley) not kits, the same way a brewery makes it but on a smaller scale. Your choice is a good one, the dark beer is delicious :-).


  3. What a fascinating tribute to your queen. I love the photo from when she was crowned. She looked so “Queenly” back then. I remember my grandmother telling me about her and seeing the photos, pictures, and articles she saved of her on her coronation day, Seems I was named for your queen, since my grandmother (Grandparents raised me from birth) was very, very British.

    I just learned that the Queen’s birthday is celebrated in summer rather than on her real birthday. You would think I would have known that, but I didn’t. I think this is an incredible spread in your journal.

    I was fascinated by the bitter beer. I had a friend who had lived in England for awhile and was looking for bitter beer. He couldn’t find it in the states, and this is the first I’ve seen of it. I suggested stout and he was relatively happy with my choice.

    I thought the dark ale that I thought reminded me of stout looked like fun. It’s the only beer I actually like. Everything else just tastes odd to me. I might actually enjoy your husband’s beer.

    Thanks for joining us again this week for T and thanks for sharing both your beautiful beer choices as well as your lovely journal spread this Tuesday.

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    • I love that you know so much about The Queen and she is your namesake :-). The Queen’s actual birthday is on 21st April and I have to confess we celebrated then as well, that time we did something typically British and had an afternoon cream tea and also went to the pub for a pint of beer (my hubby and me could’t agree what we wanted to do so we compromised and did both … lol), here’s my post from then. Most British commercial beers are actually a bitter, and on our US travels we haven’t found any either. Yes the dark ale is more like a stout so you are right. I think we would find a beer you would like as my hubby makes all types of beer, he has just made one with ginger, coriander and lime leaves which is very refreshing especially on a hot summers day. Happy T Day to you and thank you for your comments, it’s lovely to meet and chat with you 🙂


  4. Your birthday pages for the Queen are indeed stunning! love that you’ve used recycled bits from so many sources. I always find stuff about Royalty quite fascinating…much more interesting than the bickering of U.S. politicians! lol Truly lovely, and thanks for sharing your celebration for T Tuesday!

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    • Thanks Dianne! I find l see the potential in many everyday items and have a whole box of things to recycle in my craft stash, I love using them in my art journal pages. The celebrations this year have been spectacular, there is so much going on and we even have red, white and blue bunting all over our town to celebrate, it looks wonderful! Happy T Day 🙂


  5. Brilliant page you created to celebrate Her Majesty’s 90th!
    She never seems to slow down at all.
    Home brewed beer = what a great treat as you know exactly what is in it.
    Cheers and Happy T Day Jo.
    p.s. I have had two encounters with the practice Trooping the Colors years apart when visiting London. Each time it was a surprise. The first time I saw a soldier fall flat on his face with his full uniform on… luckily it was in a grassy field. The second time was much more elaborate and “real” looking with marching on the actual street in front of Buckingham Palace. Husband and I were beside ourselves as it felt like such a royal welcome to London. Lots of photos and videos were taken 😉 You got me waxing nostalgic 🙂

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    • Thank you Patty! Your right The Queen never seems to slow down and apparently she still rides her horses daily too. Glad my post has bought memories flooding back to you, thanks for sharing, it sounds like you have so much fun on your travels! Wishing you a very happy Tuesday 🙂


  6. your journaling about the queen is wonderful. love the Combo of Pictures and washi tape. and nobody would guess she is 90! good genes.
    the beer variations look so well together – would be a temptation to try all of them.
    have a great week and thanks for your comment on my blog:)

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    • Yes I hope I look as good when I’m 90 🙂 . We choose those beers mainly because of the taste and colour variation, although we currently have about a dozen different home brewed beers to choose from. Thanks for stopping by and wishing you a great week! 🙂


  7. I’m way behind on my posts this week but wanted to stop by and say I LOVE this page Jo. What a great way to celebrate. And looks like you had fun going out. I think the pints of beer look delicious. I don’t drink often but I do love a good pint of hearty beer. Hope its been a good week. Hugs-Erika

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  8. Jo, I had to laugh at the comment about the Queen’s birthday. You see, I was born on EARTH Day, which is April 22. So of course I knew her birthday. In fact, I sometimes wondered if that was why my grandparents named me after her. But personally, I think it was because of my grandmother’s love of Britain and her British heritage. Oh, Jo, the many stories we could share!

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